– 50   °F

The yak down is the fine fiber with 18-19.5 microns & 30 mm in length Generally shed by the animal during late spring/early summer period. This precious wool can be sourced only by hand-combing each yak individually, once a year.

Down fiber, and fewer sweat glands, are two examples of how yaks have adapted to survive extreme cold temperatures (sometimes as low as -46 °C, or -50 °F) and altitudes well above 3000 meter.

Light-Weight and Breathable

Mongolian yaks live at high altitudes and endure extreme weather conditions. This means they produce a robust and unique fibre that is as soft as cashmere, 10-15°C warmer than merino wool, is temperature-regulating, highly breathable, odour-resistant and hypo-allergenic.

Ethical & socially responsible yak wool

It is well known that the Mongolian herders are deeply rooted to their ancient traditions. We  always respectful of the various traditions when working with the nomadic herders in different parts of Mongolia. It is this close relationship with the local herders that led to the gathering and processing one of the world’s finest natural fibers.

Three  earthy natural colors

Grey, brown and dark brown are the naturally occurring shades in Mongolian yaks. Each color comes from different parts of the vast country and each color has a unique story behind it.

All SOR’s yarns, fabrics and garments are made with 100% natural and undyed Mongolian yak wool. We create exclusive pieces that embrace the unique qualities of this very special fibre – qualities often under-recognized in the global textile industry.