– 50   °F

Due to the geographic location and severe climate conditions, the Mongolian cashmere is known to be the finest, longest & softest in the world.


Far from oceans, high in altitude and chilled by Siberian cold atmosphere from the north, Mongolia is dry and extremely cold during winter. This harsh climate is the reason why the Hircus goats put on their finest natural coats known as cashmere. With the characteristic of;  15.8-16.5 micron  in diameter and length over  38 mm.


Why finest cashmere

Nourished by native grasses and vegetation in the vast open steppe of Mongolia with the combination of unforgiving weather. Mongolian goat’s unparalleled endurance is the simple, yet complex, reason for the mysterious and uniquely exquisite characteristics of world acclaimed Mongolian cashmere

Ethical & socially responsible cashmere

It is well known that the Mongolian herders are deeply rooted to their ancient traditions. We  always respectful of the various traditions when working with the nomadic herders in different parts of Mongolia. It is this close relationship with the local herders that led to the gathering and processing one of the world’s finest natural fibers.

Four earthy natural colors

White, beige, warm grey and brown are the naturally occurring shades in Mongolian goats. Each color comes from different parts of the vast country and each color has a unique story behind it.